Eat eat again!

I had this spongy strawberry cake and French toast with ice cream after my last presentation in 2nd sems of my Master study. The cake was amaziiiing! The place is called The Green Refectory.


Up-Close Portrait Photography

A few days ago I went to Fitzroy with my friend. We went to a bakery called Lune Croissant. It is very famous and a must-visit for a foodie when they visit Melbourne. I was so so so excited because I really want to try the croissants. So we ordered the original one and the almond one. It was amazing! I know maybe some of you will think it is just like common croissants, but for me this is the I ever had. I would like to go there again to try some more. They have other variants. Also the coffee and the hot chocolate are good as well! I really recommend you guys to visit the shop and try each of the bakes.